A PhD in Data Science

We are searching for committed and excited PhD students to work on Centre projects starting in August 2020. Prospective candidates must have an understanding of the foundations of data science, for example a qualification in mathematics, statistics, computer science or a strong quantitative background such as engineering, econometrics or earth sciences.

DARE PhD candidates will undertake a cohort based learning and professional development program including advanced data science. Candidates may also undertake field work in rural and regional Australia as part of their one-year industry placement. Opportunities for conference presentations, exchange study with the Alan Turing Institute (UK) and employment in industry or government at the end of the program are also available.


About the cohort based program

Every PhD candidate will be required to undertake a compulsory twelve week program in data science within the first 12 months of candidature. The cohort based program will cover four core modules in:

  1. Advanced statistical inference including linear mixed models
  2. Fundamentals of statistical machine learning including data visualisation, predictive and generative modelling frameworks and coding language (R, Python, Fortran, C++)
  3. Scientific computing and data analytics including nonparametric methods, convex optimisation, matrix decomposition, orthogonal representations, sparse regression, bootstrap, state-space models, Kalman filters, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, Multilevel Monte Carlo methods (for introduction to uncertainty quantification), and variational methods.
  4. Application of data science. This module will train students in a Research Project, which will allow students to put concepts, knowledge, and experience acquired through Core Modules 1-3 into practice. Students will work in groups of two or three, guided by an academic mentor. Assessment will be via submission of a journal-style paper, a short newspaper article/press/media release, and wrap-up sessions in which students present their projects to DARE Partners.