The Data Analytics for Resources & Environments (DARE) Centre is an Industrial Transformation Training Centre led by the University of Sydney in partnership with the University of NSW and University of Western Australia LEARN MORE

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The DARE ARC Training Centre will provide PhD candidates in world leading data science through an innovative, collaborative program between industry, government and academia. All students will undertake a cohort-based training program in data science prior to selecting a specific data science project and domain. Data science research projects will be applied against real world challenges through an industry placement program with one of our Partner Organisations. Our internationally recognised team of supervisors includes Sally Cripps (Sydney), Robert Kohn (UNSW), Mark Lindsay (UWA), Mark Jessell (UWA), Dacheng Tao (Sydney), Lucy Marshall (UNSW), Mark Girolami (Cambridge) and Glenda Wardle (Sydney).

DARE is seeking PhD candidates (find out more information), post-doctoral researchers and industry and government partners interested in developing new data science models to drive better decision making in the management of Australia’s natural resources.

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It’s your future. A data science PhD can help you shape it. With scholarships on offer, this program will allow you to develop world leading data science to drive best possible evidence-based management of the nation’s natural resources.

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Data science involves the unification of statistics, data analysis, machine learning and their related methods to understand and analyse real world challenges. Take your data analysis to the next level and talk to us.

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The DARE ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre brings together some of Australia’s leading academics to train the next generation of data scientist, and improve the use of Australia’s resources with data driven insights.